Why should we hire ADV consultants?

Well definitely you will think about the name ADV so what is this? The full form of ADV is Abu Dhabi Value is a programs which is launched on April’s 21 2019 and it would be implemented on shortly. The basic work of this is the economic development of the Abu Dhabi that we can see in the full form how to value the Abu Dhabi. So many ADV consultants are working in Abu Dhabi but for being consultant you need to have an ADNOC icv certificate. Now you have to learn that what is ICV it is basically program by the UAE that how to diversify the economy of the UAE and how to create the opportunities for the private sector in UAE.

  • All ADNOC supplier required to their achievement in ICV
  • For ADNOC required a verification of third party numbers of the ICV certification that when it would be conducted.

Now let’s come to the point that why adv certification is needed. 

Well the ADV certification works for so many works in Abu Dhabi but the main focus of ADV is to boost the diversification and economy of Abu Dhabi. And how to create the employment opportunities for the UAE nationals in the private sector. The suppliers will have to submit their adv certificates.

What is the process of ADV?

The means of engaging a business with the Abu Dhabi Department of economic development would require carrying out:

 •Providing the required material after conducting a self-assessment

 • Acquisition of a proper certification from the concerned authoritative bodies

 • Creating a plan for ADV Improvement

Calculation of ADV 

ADV assessment is calculated by assessing the economic value for the services and goods or the services which is offered by the company. These are the consideration for the following areas.

  1. Revenue
  2. Exports
  3. Investment
  4. Third party
  5. Good manufactured
  6. Expatriate contribution
  7. Emiratisation

Independent panel of certification bodies confirm the information which is submitted by the supplier under this program. Suppliers whether they are related to manufacturing goods or services ADNOC will be required to declare a calculation of the previous scores of ICV and ADV that how did they work in the previous year. These scores of ADV or ICV will be used to rank the suppliers when the procurement process was going on. And this company will be awarded for the highest score.