Things to Remember Before Making a Company Stamp

Company stamps are an essential item of office accessories. It is used for many things. However, before you make a stamp with the help of a company stamp maker in Dubai, you should consider the following. A firm, even pressure will yield a cleaner image. Use firm, even pressures while stamping. This will ensure that your company stamp is perfectly imprinted on the material. Keeping these tips in mind will help you create a quality company stamp.

Your design must reflect your company’s brand:

There are many things to consider before making a company stamp. Your design must reflect your company’s brand, but it must also be legible on a stamp. Generally, fonts smaller than seven points are not legible on a company stamp. A sans-serif font is the safest bet. However, you can always trace the design with a pencil if you’re unsure.

Consider the correct shape:

When you decide to create a company stamp, there are a few things you’ll need to keep in mind. For one thing, your stamp must be the correct shape. While the usual shape for a stamp is around one, you can also make your stamp rectangular if you need to. Also, make sure the stamp’s size is correct. Because of the variety of stamp sizes, it’s important to estimate the size of the stamp on a piece of paper before you begin.


The medium is as important as the stamp itself. You can use an ink pad, acrylic paint, or bleach. On the other hand, watercolours will not be saturated enough and can weaken the paper. Oils and other substances can degrade rubber. You can also make a stamp using a computer or printer and transfer it to the stamp’s surface. Alternatively, you can trace a design onto the stamp using a pencil.


There are many factors to consider before selecting the correct size of the company stamp. Stamps are available in various shapes and sizes, and there’s no set standard size for a company stamp. The first step is to determine your company’s purpose for the stamp. What are you trying to convey? The size of the company stamp should be as precise as possible, and the font and colors should be as similar as possible to the rest of your corporate identity.